Broken boilers could leave homeowners with a hefty bill

Homeowners are at risk of being left out in the cold after new research has found that broken boilers cost homes hundreds of pounds each year.

Research from a price comparison website revealed that a fifth of households have suffered from a broken boiler in the last year with an average repair cost of £320.

Despite this high figure, over 50% of homeowners donít have the correct insurance cover to protect their boiler.

In a survey the research found that over half of homes are planning on turning on their heating in October. Britain is preparing for a winter of higher fuel bills and a risk of boiler damage.

UK households are already stretched with their finances as it is and 48% of people believe that the correct home insurance, which could cover your boiler, is unnecessary.

“As household budgets continue to be squeezed, consumers may be tempted to make savings wherever they can,î says Kevin Sears, energy expert at uSwitch.

ìHowever, going without boiler cover could leave you strapped for cash if your boiler packs up and you don’t have the money spare to pay for repairs.î

Higher living costs are taking their toll on UK homes as 34% of people said they could not afford any surprise bills. 

The cost of annual duel fuel bills has increased by an average £200 since the UKís leading energy suppliers have introduced price hikes of up to 20%.

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Itís not just broken boilers and high heating bills that give homeowners a chill; the AA believes that winter storms could have a serious impact on houses.

High winds and heavy rain combined with flash floods in parts of the UK could seriously damage properties across Britain ranging from the west coast of Scotland to Cornwall.

 Although many people renew their home insurance regularly, cover can become out of date and this results in properties being under-insured.

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