Brits urged to obtain home insurance

Brits have been urged to obtain home insurance as they could receive a payout if their property is damaged by a flood or fire.

According to Graeme Trudgill, head of corporate affairs at the British Insurance Brokers' Association (Biba), around 75 per cent of Brits do not buy home contents insurance.

Contents insurance covers items that can be removed from a home, such as clothes, jewellery and furniture. This means that if these objects are damaged the homeowner will receive a lump sum to help them replace them.

Mr Trudgill said: "The most important thing is to get appropriate insurance cover. There are really three principle areas that you need to think about in [terms of] home insurance cover.

"Your home insurance provider will go through with you which areas you might need."

He added that the most important thing is to buy basic cover and then standard cover, as this will cover fire, theft, storm or flood damage.

This could be especially important for those who live in areas at high risk of flooding, as it can cost a lot to repair water damage.

Brits also need to obtain buildings insurance if they own their own property. That is because this will cover them if their home gets damaged.

When looking for home insurance consumers can obtain these two types of cover from the same provider or from separate ones.

However, Brits may find it easier to obtain cheaper home insurance if they take out both policies with the same provider as they may offer a discount.

In order to find the best home insurance for them it may be wise for Brits to shop around online on a price comparison site, such as

That is because the website will list all the policies offered by leading insurance providers, what each policy covers and how much they cost.

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