Brits told to give up alcohol for two days a week

The nation has been told to have at least two drink-free days per week in a new government report.

The move comes as one of the recommendations in a report by the Commons Science and Technology Committee, which is calling for a review on current government alcohol guidelines.

Under the current UK guidelines, the maximum alcohol that should be consumed by an individual is 21 units per week. The unit system was introduced in 1987 and was changed in 1995 to the one we use today, consisting of 3-4 units for men and 2-3 for women.

MPs are now saying the Department of Healthís strategy for promoting responsible drinking is flawed.

Speaking to the BBC, Labour MP Andrew Miller, Chairman of the committee, said; ìAlcohol guidelines are a crucial tool for government in its effort to combat excessive and problematic drinking. It is vital that they are up-to date and that people know how to use them.”

“Unfortunately, public understanding of how to use the guidelines and what an alcohol unit looks like is poor, although improving.î

The report also suggests that people should avoid alcohol for 48 hours after a night of heavy drinking to allow the body recover.

The report claims that having two alcohol free days would ëenforce the message that drinking every day should be avoided.í

Health implications

The committee believes that staying off alcohol for two days a week would improve peopleís health.

Drinking to excess for long periods of time could seriously damage your health.  It is estimated that 6,000 babies are born with foetal alcohol syndrome every year in the UK, with a worrying amount of women still drinking alcohol whist pregnant. Alcohol abuse can result in liver cirrhosis and without a transplant you could subsequently die.

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