Brits still concerned about energy bills despite mild winter

Despite the mild weather, the majority of consumers are still concerned about the cost of their winter energy bill, research has revealed.

It was recently found that 85% of British consumers are worried about their bill for this winter, after price hikes of more than £200 since the end of 2010.

The mild winter this year has given UK households somewhat of a respite from the soaring energy bills, allowing many to cut back on the amount of energy they use.

The research, carried out by uSwitch, has found that more than eight out of ten people have cut back on their energy use this year ñ 7% more than last year and 14% more than 2010.

ìThis is about people going cold ñ the fact is that the 21% increase in energy prices since the end of 2010 has led to a corresponding 14% increase in the number of people rationing their energy use in the winter,î said Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer Policy at uSwitch.

ìWith self-rationing now running at 83% of the population, the only saviour has been the exceptionally mild winter we have seen this year. This has allowed many to cut back, turn down or switch off without feeling the full brunt of winter cold. But what happens next year?î

The research found that three quarters of households have gone without heating entirely at some point this winter in a bid to keep costs down.

This means that as many as 19.5 million households have gone cold at one time or another this winter, 5.3 million more than last winter.

ìWe have been lucky because of the mild weather and next year households will hopefully feel some benefit from the recent cuts in energy prices,î added Ms Robinson.

ìConsumers can also make their money go further by making their homes energy efficient and making sure that they are paying the lowest price for the energy they do use.î

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