Brits spend almost £60,000 in a lifetime furnishing their home

House-proud Brits spend an average of £58,500 over the course of a lifetime improving their homes.

Envious homeowners watching TV programmes such as Grand Designs and MTV Cribs are driven to improve the look of their property, new research has found.

A study by esure found that Brits spend an average of £1,171 and 11 days a year sprucing up their home.  

With an average of 5 hours a week being spent improving the aesthetics of a property over the course of a lifetime that mounts up to a year and half!

Fung Shui has taken its toll on the wallets of homeowners as they spend an average of £529 on non functional decorations such as soft furnishings to keep up with the latest interior design trends.

Over the course of lifetimes homeowners will fork out £404 on items that they will never use ìfor fear of ruining themî. This includes bend linen, crockery, and expensive silver wear.

Inspired and fuelled by jealousy, 37 % of home owners admitted that popular property programmes such as Grand Designs, Kristieís Homemade Home and even MTV Cribs has prompted them to changing the appearance of their homes.

A further 14 % admitted that seeing inside a celebrity house inspired them to make extravagant changes to their home such as buying elaborate furnishings and even installing a Jacuzzi.

Despite all these efforts to spruce up a home, 5% of people claimed that they were so obsessed with cleaning rituals that they no longer invite friends or relatives over in case they damage something.

7 % of Brits admitted to covering carpets and upholstery with protective sheets when entertaining people in order to keep their home in an immaculate condition. One in 20 said that they have banned red wine from their home and 15 % have never held a party in their house despite enjoying plenty at someone elseís property.

Donít be a party popper-if you are concerned about items getting damaged and general wear and tear, take out adequate home insurance to ensure that any accidental damage is covered.

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