Brits spend £3.9 billion sprucing up their gardens

Brits are becoming more green-fingered than ever, as research has revealed that an average of £185 will be spent giving gardens an overhaul this year.

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Gardening enthusiasts in the East Midlands are prepared to spend the most on the upkeep of their gardens, shelling out an average of £253. This is closely followed by the North West, at £240.

In contrast homeowners in other parts of the country are being more restrained with their gardening budgets, with  those in Yorkshire and London spending the least, at £112 and £124 respectively..

Other figures from the survey have highlighted a 10% increase in general improvements to gardens in the last 12 months. In contrast, spending on more costly garden items, such as barbeques and water features, has decreased by 67% since 2011. 

ìBudget for non-essential items has gone down in favour of general improvements, including landscape projects,î said Peter Dockar, Head of Mortgages at HSBC, which carried out the research.

ìImproving the general outlook of the garden can not only boost quality of life but also help to increase property value.î
Brits enjoy their gardens so much they will spend an average of 95 days in them this year, including as much as three days a week during the summer months.

The majority of those surveyed use their gardens to unwind, while 38% have joined the ëgrow your owní movement and use their garden to grow fruit and vegetables.

ì2012 is set to be a memorable year with many households holding garden parties,î added Mr Dockar.

ìBritain has traditionally had a love affair with gardens but with households facing financial pressures, people have to make difficult decisions about where to spend their cash.î

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