Brits spend ‘2 yrs worrying about debt’

The average Brit will spend around two years worrying about their spending and borrowing habits, it has been revealed.

Research by The Co-operative Bank found that this is equivalent to 730 sleepless nights.

Nearly half – 48 per cent – of all UK adults admitted to being “concerned or deeply concerned” about their borrowing habits and 80 per cent said they were “troubled” by their lack of savings.

Scott McPhail, savings product manager at the bank, remarked: “It is worrying clear from the research that the vast majority of UK adults are deeply concerned about their finances, with rising levels of debt and inadequate saving provisions responsible for countless sleepless nights nationwide.”

People in the north-west of England were found to be the biggest worriers, with 78 per cent claiming to be stressed about the state of their finances, compared to those in Northern Ireland where 69 per cent said they were concerned.

According to Abbey, ten per cent of credit card holders use their plastic every day and 54 per cent spend on them at least once a week.

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