Brits reluctant to use contactless credit cards

The majority of Brits are reluctant to switch from traditional forms of payments to contactless credit cards.

That is because just 13 per cent of consumers have ever owned a contactless-enabled debit or credit card, while just five per cent have made a payment using one of these cards.

Such are the findings of a new survey by Ingenico, which found that the majority of Brits are wary of using contactless cards as they do not feel they have been informed about the technology enough.

It was found that 61 per cent of Brits will need reassurance that their payment will be secure before they make any payments and another 47 per cent said they do not know enough about it.

Contactless payments mean that the debit or credit card holder only has to wave the card over or touch it on a reader to make a payment. No PIN or signature is required for payments less than £15 in the UK.

Craig Doyle, managing director for UK and northern Europe at Ingenico, said: "Consumers have long demanded improved convenience and speed during their shopping experience.

"But this research reveals that they are still not sufficiently confident in using contactless technology to make the switch from traditional cash and cards."

The majority of those polled think that it is up to the card industry to educate consumers about contactless payments (75 per cent), while 66 per cent believe banks should inform consumers about the technology.

Brits looking to switch credit card may wish to use a price comparison site, such as, as this will list all of the cards currently available on the market as well as their interest rates.

Some of the benefits will also be listed. This may include the Sainsbury's Credit Card which is offering a Nectar points boost to new customers who apply for the card before May 23rd.

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