Brits put priorities on hold as economic reality bites

As the strain of the economic turmoil continues to be felt, Brits are struggling to make time for some of the important things in life.

It has been found that 70% of British adults are finding it tough to devote time to priorities like having fun and staying fit and healthy.

The research, carried out by Scottish Widows, found that peopleís home lives are also suffering as a result of their financial situation.

The research found that 14.2 million people feel like they are neglecting their home life ñ an increase of 1.5 million compared to last year.

“The economic situation is not getting any easier; in fact it would appear that life priorities are suffering, which is forcing people to neglect their health, wealth, and happiness,î said Catherine Stewart, a savings expert at Scottish Widows.
ìTaking control of your life and making an effort to reassess your priorities may seem an impossible task to many, but often one small change can have a positive domino effect and make a huge difference.î

The key priority that is suffering the most is having fun. The research revealed that almost half of all Brits feel like they are not enjoying themselves as much as theyíd like.

Health and fitness is another area that has taken a back seat, with 44% of people saying they are not able to exercise as often as theyíd like.

The research also found that nearly four out of ten people are concerned about neglecting their health in general.

 ìFinances are an important place to start, for example, assessing your weekly spend to see where savings can be made,î added Ms Stewart.

If youíd like to have more time to focus on some of lifeís key priorities, consider opening a savings account so you can put money aside.

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