Brits may be taking £267 out of their current accounts to celebrate the Royal Wedding

UK households are set to take out an average of £267 from their current accounts in order to celebrate the Royal Wedding on April 29th.

Research by the Co-operative Financial Services found that Brits are set to spend an average of £267 to celebrate the marriage between Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

The majority of the money that will be withdrawn from current accounts will be spent on food and drink, with households expected to spend £124 on this.

It was found that a further £42 may be spent on new outfits, £41 could be used to pay for travel and Brits may depart with £29 for decorations.

John Hughes, director of retail banking at the firm, commented: "By ensuring that their spending is planned and budgeted for, people can ensure that they are spending within their means and can enjoy the excitement of the day, without worrying about a financial hangover in the aftermath".

"Simple measures such as setting a budget, and sticking to it, will ensure that people remain in control of their current accounts and finances over this period and avoid the overspending and resulting financial difficulties that this can cause"

As the Royal Wedding is a public holiday and the warm weather is set to continue, the most popular activity for Brits is expected to be a barbecue (27 per cent), followed by 26 per cent gathering around a TV.

On April 15th, the final timetable for the Royal Wedding was announced. The marriage service, which is being held at Westminster Abbey, will start at around 11am.

The newlyweds and the rest of the Royal family will then take part in a procession from the abbey to Buckingham Palace from 12.15pm.

At around 1.25pm the royal couple will appear on the balcony of the palace with their families.

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