Brits looking to enjoy an all-inclusive holiday should shop around for travel insurance

Families planning an all-inclusive holiday should shop around for travel insurance in order to find the best deals.

According to the latest report from the American Express Global Foreign Exchange Services, all-inclusive breaks have gained popularity among Brits.

It was found that Mexico's popularity increased by 168 per cent in the first three months of the year, as it is seen as a cost-effective holiday.

Turkey also gained popularity in this period with a 115 per cent increase in bookings for the region compared to the same three months in 2010.

Terry Perrin, director at the firm, commented: "Not only do Turkey and Mexico offer favourable exchange rates for the pound, they are also well-known all-inclusive destinations.

"The 'all-inclusive' holiday trend has increased in recent years as holidaymakers, especially families, like to plan their spend ahead of time. Therefore, locations like Turkey and Mexico offer the best of both worlds for a lot of Britons."

Like any holiday, consumers need to ensure they are covered by travel insurance just in case someone needs medical attention while abroad or luggage gets mislaid.

Those searching for travel insurance may like to use a price comparison site, such as, to do so.

The price comparison site offered some tips on how to find the cheapest holidays.

• Book early. As soon as the person knows when and where they would like to go they should book the holiday, as this can work out cheaper than leaving it to the last minute.
• Shop around. Travel agents and operators offer a wide range of packages, including all-inclusive so it is wise to choose the best one for the party.
• Read reviews of the place where you would like to travel to find out about the best accommodation and how much a holiday should cost.

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