Brits looking to cut cost of motoring

British motorists are looking at ways of cutting the cost of driving in the face of ever increasing fuel prices. According to research by insurance company Admiral, half of UK motorists have reduced the amount they drive because of the cost of petrol, with 92 per cent admitting to feeling ripped off when at the pumps.

Worryingly, 17 per cent have even ignored a fault with their car because they can't afford the cost of repairs, while eight per cent have ignored problems with their tyres, due to the price of buying new ones.

Surveying 2,500 drivers, Admiral also learned that other expenses are also overwhelming drivers, with 154 per cent having cut back or stopped servicing their cars due to the cost.

Sue Longthorn, managing director at Admiral, said: "With the average cost of a litre of unleaded at £1.36 and diesel at £1.41, our research shows the depth of feeling British motorists have about the high cost of fuel right now.

"And it seems high fuel costs are actually affecting how much they drive, with 51 per cent saying they've reduced the amount of driving they do."

For those drivers looking to reduce how much maintaining their car costs, it should not be forgotten that scrimping on things such as new tyres and regular services can be much more expensive in the long-run.

A good way of saving money is to shop around for cheaper car insurance, with online comparison sites providing the perfect tool for analysing the various pros and cons of each policy against one another.

Premiums will be affected by a person's age, vehicle and experience driving, but also by their location and job title. It is always a good idea to compare different quotes before picking a policy. 

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