Brits advised to face debt problems ‘head-on’

Brits may want to look into debt consolidation loans, an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) or debt management plan if they currently have money problems.

That is because these debt management options can help them clear their outstanding arrears and face their problems head-on.

Dan Roberts, a therapist and wellbeing coach, said: "The most important thing to do when you've got debt is to not bury your head in the sand like so many people do.

"Anything you can do that's practical, even if that's coming to an arrangement with your creditors and paying off a certain amount each month. Taking control of the situation is vital to feel better about it."

He added that having debt problems can cause anxiety in consumers if they do not take control of the situation.

On June 2nd, debt charity Credit Action revealed that the total UK personal debt stood at £1,452 billion in April.

One of the ways in which consumers can take control of their money troubles is by obtaining a debt consolidation loan.

This loan lumps all outstanding debt into one affordable monthly repayment. It often has lower rates of interest than the original debt, meaning that it may be paid off quicker.

The only downside of a debt consolidation loan is that someone with a poor credit rating may find it hard to obtain one.

Another solution could be an IVA, which is a formal agreement between a borrower and their creditors.

The debtor arranges how much they can afford to pay their creditors each month for the length of the IVA. This is usually five years and if the debt has not been cleared in this time it may be written off.

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