Brits abroad exposed to identity theft

Britons going abroad are leaving themselves at risk because they do not take sufficient care of their personal belongings, it has been claimed.

According to credit card provider Capital One, 45 per cent of British holidaymakers do not use safes provided by hotels.

This means that they are either carrying important possessions such as credit cards and passports around with them, or are leaving them in their hotel rooms.

Chip and pin has not been rolled out worldwide as yet and it is easier for a stolen credit card to be used in some foreign countries.

Sanjiv Yajnik, principal managing director at Capital One says: “Many canny criminals are now focusing on personal information so that they can steal a holidaymakerís identity.

“Unsuspecting holidaymakers may return home to find accounts set up in their name, transactions they know nothing about on their bank statements or further activity in their name that they are unaware of.”

Meanwhile, UK payments association Apacs has advised Britons to be more careful when using their credit and debit cards at home, after research revealed that 20 per cent of people do not bother to shield their pin number at cash points.

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