Britons take a bite out of credit

Britons spend up to £40 billion each year eating out and men are footing the credit card bill, according to research by Virgin Money.

Up to £33 billion is spent each year on dinners eaten outside of the home, while £9 billion is spent on lunches.

There is a greater variety of food on offer than before and Italian food emerged as the nation’s favourite, followed by English, Chinese, Indian and Thai food.

Researchers found that 65 per cent of men admitted to picking up the tab on a night out.

Virgin Money spokesman, John Franklin, commented: “Eating habits are clearly changing ñ even so British men still feel the need to foot the bill on those romantic nights out.”

However, despite the wide array of cuisine choices there was some bitter news ñ eating out in groups causes friction as 30 per cent of men and 40 per cent of women disagree with splitting the bill according to group size rather than food consumed.

Researchers estimate that more than one million people will be embarrassed on a night out by getting their credit card rejected due to lack of funds or a surprisingly expensive tab.

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