Britons regret money errors

The problems that may lead some consumers to have debt management worries could be among the reasons for many consumers admitting they had been more careful with their cash.

Simplyhealth’s Bothered Britain survey found that 36 per cent of those polled said that being “more responsible with money” was one of the things they wish they had bothered to do.

The total was particularly high in some locations, with 60 per cent of Liverpool residents and 51 per cent of Glaswegians expressing this view.

Simplyhealth spokesman Raman Sankaran suggested the recession has madeconsumers think about money issues more and “re-evaluate” their priorities.

He noted: “With job insecurity rife across all industries, it is no surprise that people regret being careless with money”.

One impact of higher levels of unemployment will be to make debt management issues harder to resolve for many people, the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) has said.

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