Britons losing all perspective says risk survey

Britons are in danger of losing their perspective claims the Prudential’s National Risk Report, worrying about things outside their control rather than matters close to home.

The average UK citizen is more concerned about bird flu, terrorists and superbugs, all statistically unlikely to affect them, than they are about managing their finances.

“An age of fear is gripping the country and it is entirely irrational,” said Paul Cowman, head of protection at Prudential.

“You’re far more likely to lose your job and struggle with debts than be a victim of terrorism or superbugs.

“Many people are focusing on unlikely events but not worrying about how they would meet the payments on their mortgage if they were to become seriously ill or lose their job.”

Those sleepless nights would be far better spent organising your finances and ensuring that you are paying the best rate rather than worrying about global disaster, he added.

Almost two fifths of respondents said that they were concerned about terrorist attacks and around a fifth said that they were concerned by bird flu and superbugs.

Just ten percent of people said that they were worried about personal debt and bankruptcy and just one in eight was worried about their job security, however.

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