Britons advised to find better financial products

People in Briton should not hesitate to seek out better financial products as making the change can be simple, one expert has suggested.

Gillian Almond, head of Abbey Bank Accounts, said that while sometimes in life it can be difficult to avoid having to settle for second best, this is not the case with bank accounts.

“It is easy to make the change to one which gives you the best rate on the market, so you can make the most of your hard-earned cash,” she remarked.

Her comments were made as Abbey Current Accounts revealed that almost three-quarters of people have settled for second best when it comes to parts of their lives.

This includes 30 per cent who are not in their dream career and 24 per cent who are not in their dream house.

In the case of financial products, 11 per cent do not take up the best available.

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