Britain hangs up and goes online

Research reveals that 80 per cent of British consumers are stressed out by trying to get in touch with call centers, fuelling the demand for online banking.

A survey commissioned found that even when people get through to a call centre operator, 62 per cent of people cannot understand what the operator is saying while 54 per cent are confused by automated services.

Researchers found an overwhelming opposition to call centers in those surveyed, as 79 per cent of people hate being held in a call queue and 65 per cent regularly hang up rather than wait any longer as the service takes too long.

However, UK consumers also displayed some sympathy for call centre staff with 68 per cent of people feeling sorry for operators and 57 per cent understanding the pressure they are under to take the next call.

However, this has given online banking further momentum as four out of five people feel it is quicker to carry out transactions online rather than over the phone.

Andrew Blowers, chief executive officer at, said:” They’ve [call centers] truly failed to answer customers’ demands for a faster, more efficient and cost effective way to make their financial transactions. The internet offers the only clear solution to this problem.”

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