Breakdown Insurance ñ where does it breakdown?

The breakdown service is straightforward. If your car breaks down, your provider will come to your location and fix your car. Around 80% of breakdowns can be fixed by the side of the road. If the problem is more serious, the breakdown provider will tow your car to the nearest garage for you.

Unfortunately if your car doesn’t start and you’ve yet to move away from your own drive, you could be out of luck! Not all insurers will come to your house if your car fails to start. They will insist you call a garage yourself, unless you have travelled more than a quarter of a mile from your house.

It is important to check the features of your cover as levels of service vary significantly. By doing some research on what is available out there you can be safe in the knowledge that you and your family will get to your destination. Most insurers will help you and your passengers on to your destination, so long as it is on the UK mainland. However in many cases they have a limit on the number of passengers they are willing to transport.

In those instances where repairs will take time, some providers will put you up in a hotel for a night or provide you with a hire car. It is worth checking policy details here as different providers vary significantly in the amount of money they are willing to provide for your hotel and the length of time they will provide you with a hire car for. If you use a caravan it is worth finding out whether your insurer will cover problems you may have with it.

Similarly, checking the number of times you are permitted to call out your insurer is important as many will refuse to come more than five times.

Who gives you extra?

Extras, such as caravan cover, will mean your annual bill costs more. A top of the range policy could set you back over £100. Most policies however are far cheaper, and basic cover can be had for as little as £30. It is difficult to know how much cover to take out, but thinking about how you will be using your car can help. If you know that you will be clocking up the miles in 2007, and that your car will be experiencing a lot of wear and tear, then it is probably worth taking out a fairly comprehensive policy. breaks down the features of each of the policies clearly, along with the cost, allowing you to make a quick and informed decision.

Don’t get caught without le breakdown insurance

For those of you planning a booze cruise to Calais you can go safe in the knowledge that any suspension problems your extra cargo may cause can be dealt with on the continent. Many of the providers now offer European cover starting from around £70.

Breakdown insurance can provide you with peace of mind and particularly if you are a frequent driver, or someone who spends a lot of time driving in isolated rural areas. It is important to see what is available, to look at the services you can receive, and to work out how much it is going to cost you. provides a breakdown of the market in seconds and allows you to make an informed decision.

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