Bogus will writers ‘cashing in’

People in the UK may find themselves increasingly likely to become victims of bogus will writers, it has been claimed.

According to Citizens Advice, cold-callers are attempting to scam hundreds of pounds out of people looking to officially document their testament before they die.

It adds that crooks are also placing newspaper advertisements in an effort to lure unsuspecting customers.

Susan Marks, Citizens Advice consumer affairs policy officer, said the firm is “seeing people who have been conned into parting with their cash”.

The expert commented that it is a good idea to shop around before they decide on a deal.

“We would advise people to explore all the options. Check with a few local solicitors to find out how much they charge,” she added.

The shortest will ever known was produced by Bimla Rishi from India.

His testament simply read “all to soon”, written in Hindi.

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