‘Black box’ device on sale for Japanese drivers

Motorists in Japan could soon be able to tell exactly what happened in the event of a crash or road accident, thanks to a new innovation which could have significant implications for car insurance premiums.

A new product developed as an accessory to the car, named the Clarion DriveEye, offers the ability to record what happens in the course of a vehicle’s life.

Similar to the ‘black box’ found on aeroplanes, the device is simply a camera which can attach to the windscreen.

Cleverly the device switches on when it is alerted to emergency braking, capturing video before, during and then shortly after the incident.

The 15 seconds leading up the ‘crash’ can be recorded, potentially offering significant use for the car insurance industry and for motorist determining who was culpable for a crash.

Housed in heavy duty magnesium alloy and with no moving parts, it is designed to be robust.

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