Best for balance transfer

The Halifax One card has been rated as the best balance transfer card around by a credit card survey.

The One card provides users with a 12 month interest free period and zero per cent on all transfers for three months.

Runners up include Mint, with ten months interest free and a lower standard rate of interest, and the Post Office, offering an interest free six months and no fee.

Tesco, Morgan Stanley and Hilton were all rated as losers in the balance transfer tables.

“The balance transfer market is enormously important to credit card firms, and there are currently some excellent deals out there,” said credit card advisor Richard Brown.

“For consumers wanting to spread the cost of this traditionally expensive time of year, switching debt to a zero interest card can make sound financial sense – but some cards offer better terms than others, so it is important to get it right at the outset.”

While the number of providers charging for balance transfer facilities is rising, there are still some bargains to be snapped up said Mr Brown.

This does not apply to Tesco, however, whose offer of five months interest free was considered uninspiring and its standard rate limp wristed.

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