Best Deals Special ñ Credit Cards you should apply for

Consumers are aware that the economy is reliant on them spending to grow, but with the nation struggling to keep within budget each month, it is hard to get the balance right.

With some of the best credit card deals on the market though, shoppers can spend and earn money at the same time, helping the economy and their bank balances at the same time.

Take a look at the best credit card deals:

Best Cashback Credit Cards

Cashback credit cards are the best way to make money off your spending.  With some of the offers on the market, consumers can earn around £30 each month in cash simply for using their credit card to purchase their monthly essentials.

These cards tend to either offer cashback, or points for spending (the points can be exchanged for money off items in certain retailers, or used for flights, restaurants vouchers, and hotels for example), or benefits such as free use abroad.

With all of these cards, which reward the user for spending, the APR typical is often very high so users are urged to set up a direct debit to pay off the balance in full each month, to prevent racking up high interest on the debt.

American Express Platinum Cashback Card

With this offer from American Express, card users can earn five percent in cashback in the first three months of account opening on up to £100 worth of purchases.   After this period the rate drops to 1.25 percent, with no limit on how much is spent, or on what.

It also offers 0 percent interest for six months on purchases and has no annual fee.

AA Credit Card

This member use AA credit card enables users to earn up to four percent back when spending using the card.  The points that are earned can be used on a range of AA motoring products.  For every £1 spent on petrol, the card gives you one point.

This card is in our best buy table, as users can spend on anything and they still receive points, and double points are available for fuel and motoring spends.  From account opening the card also offers 0 percent on all card spending for 10 months and 0 percent on balance transfers for 12 months, making it a good all round card.

Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Balance transfer credit cards however are the best cards for borrowing, and if you already have an outstanding balance, it could be worth seeing if you are eligible for some of the 0 percent interest free periods being offered.

Barclaycard Platinum Credit Card

This Barclaycard Platinum offers Brits the longest period of 0 percent on outstanding balances, giving consumers even longer to pay off their debts without any interest accumulating.

With this card users get 20 months 0 percent interest free on balance transfers, for a fee of 3.2 percent.

MBNA Platinum

This offer from MBNA gives consumers 18 months interest free on balance transfers, but at a smaller fee of 2.88 percent.

With any balance transfer, it is in the card holderís interest to use this period of 0 percent interest to start paying back the debt, as when the allocated time ends, the APR variable rockets.


Barclaycard also offers consumers an alternative to their record long period of 0 percent interest free balance transfers, with 12 months 0 percent interest free on both balance transfers and purchases.  This comes with a 2.9 percent handling fee.

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