Be a world cup winner – on the cards at least

A month ago the prospect of a ticket to the Rugby World Cup final, for an Englishman, would have seemed like a cruel joke.

Now, however, a pass to the Stade de France for Saturday night is worth considerably more than its weight in gold as England go for glory against South Africa.

As Jonny landed yet another sublime drop goal in the dying seconds last Saturday night, a mad dash for tickets was sparked. Internet auction sites are now selling them for up to £4,000, as downtrodden Aussies, Kiwis and Frenchmen try to at least make some money out of their ill-advised purchases. The Aussies and Kiwis have mainly gone home now along with their teams.

The Rugby Football Union is holding a lottery with 1,000 tickets available but with more than 40,000 English fans expected and demand so high the internet auction route may be the only option.

However, if £4,000 seems just a little bit extravagant, some innovative financing may be required, and a credit card may be the best way to go. can give you some top tips on how to get hold of one of those prized tickets and not end up bankrupt.

Purchasing power

Credit cards offer a raft of deals these days, and these can range hugely not only in value but in how well they’re suited to your needs.

Obviously if you’re hoping to make some serious payments on the card a 0% deal on new purchases is going to be your first priority and balance transfer deals will come a little lower down on the list.

A number of cards, including ones offered by Virgin Money, Halifax, and Barclaycard offer introductory rates of 0% on new purchases.

You can spend the cash and have up to 15 months without paying any interest on your cash. For a £4,000 ticket that means you’d need to pay off around £266 a month and would not need to pay any interest.

But of course you need to be careful to get the debt cleared by the time the offer expires or you could up end with a serious interest rate of around 15.9 per cent to pay.

It’s more than a game

Buying the ticket is not the only expense of course. You’ll need somewhere to stay, transport to get there and some cash for celebrating or drowning your sorrows.

Using credit cards to withdraw cash is never a great idea, given the huge interest rates that most cards charge for the service. However, desperate times… If you are thinking of using a credit card for a last minute trip and need to get your hands on some cash it’s worth checking how much you’ll be charged, and how much you can get access to. Most have a limit of between £250 and £500 whilst others apply a percentage of your credit limit.

If you’re putting a lot on your card it would be worth while checking the order of payments on the card.

With some cards cash withdrawals are the last debt to be cleared by your payments. As these debts are generally the most expensive you can easily get stung.

Cashing in on glory

A final thought might be cashback. Whilst a number of cards offer such paltry rates that cashback is a negligible factor, when making a major purchase it might come into play. With Capital One’s cashback cards you get 4% cashback for the first three months, and 1% thereafter. That would mean £160 cashback on a £4,000 ticket, more than enough for a few celebratory drinks come Saturday night!

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