Be a money-savvy wedding guest

Itís traditional to cry at weddings, but sometimes itís not just the sight of friends getting hitched that might bring a tear to the eye.  New research shows that it costs on average £350 to be a wedding guest ñ and thatís without even buying a gift. Do that and you can add on £65, or £119 if youíre a close family member.
Here are some tips that could help you cut the cost of attending someone elseís big day..
Set a budget
Make a list of everything youíll need and how much you are prepared to spend on each item to avoid careless splurges.
Donít forget the hen/stag do
Did you know that the average hen bash now costs around £157 per person[2]? If youíre struggling with finance, it might be best to just tell the happy couple politely that you canít go.
Make the present about more than money
An album of your favourite photos or a DVD of special moments doesnít cost much but will be treasured forever. Or you could offer your services for the big day ñ for example, as a photographer, florist, make-up artist, cake or decoration maker.
Spread the cost
Start your wedding shopping early to avoid a last-minute raid on your bank account. If you need to use a credit card, make sure you can repay what you owe ñ check your credit report to see how well youíre doing now and whether you can afford to borrow more. With a 30-day trial of CreditExpert[3] you can see your Experian credit report and credit score as often as you like and get helping finding deals that match your profile.
Timing is everything
If you canít arrange to stay with friends or family, scour comparison sites for the best deals and book your accommodation well in advance. Alternatively, take a chance on a last minute bargain. You could even consider making the trip part of your annual holiday.
Cut the cost of travel
Perhaps you could ask other guests to share a car or minibus. If youíre going by plane, train or coach, itís a good idea to book your tickets as early as possible to get the best discounts.
Something old, something new?
Recycle existing clothing by adding different accessories or see what you can borrow from friends. If youíre desperate for something new, try online auction sites, hit the bargain rails or check out designer outlets. And keep an eye out for flash sales.

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