Barclaycard reveals fraud top ten holiday spots

As the long summer holiday arrives and more and more people look forward to an imminent holiday, Barclaycard has revealed the top credit card holiday fraud spots.

Turkey was found to be the least-best country to allow your waiter to disappear with your plastic, followed by France, Spain and the US.

More than half ñ 56 per cent – of all overseas fraud identified by Barclaycard last year took place in just these four countries.

Following them in the fraud top ten were Italy, China, Thailand, Ireland, India and the Netherlands.

“I’m not surprised to see destinations popular with British holiday-makers at the top of the list,” said Martin Warwick of Barclaycard. “More tourists mean more cards that can be lost or stolen.

“However, I’d remind cardholders that taking their card abroad is still safer than carrying cash, as cardholders are not held liable for any losses from fraudulent activity.”

Barclaycard recommended that holidaymakers let their card provider know where and when they are planning to holiday to enable them to provide better fraud monitoring.

They also recommended that holidaymakers compare credit card spending on balances with receipts soon after they arrive home to catch any fraud as soon as possible.

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