Barclaycard plans for hassle free holidays

As the UK begins to plan towards its summer holidays, Barclaycard has announced a new service that will help to insure they do not have a nasty surprise while away.

From this month, Barclaycard says that it will not launch fraud checks on any unexpected overseas spending for any customer who informs it that they are travelling.

Sudden bursts of spending in a non-native country are often one of the key indicators of fraud, and some credit card users have had their cards declined due to investigations.

“At Barclaycard we want to ensure that cardholders enjoy a hassle-free holiday,” said Martin Warwick of Barclaycard.

“There is nothing more inconvenient than going abroad on holiday and not being able to use your card because it has been declined.

“The service launched today will mean that if a cardholder informs us about their travel plans, we can instruct our systems to process transactions from the cardholder’s travel destination.”

In addition to their best rate deals, Barclaycard also offers emergency card replacement and cash advances anywhere in the world.

Users can also expect English language legal help, assistance in medical emergencies and advice and assistance if a passport or travel documents are lost or stolen.

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