Banking group celebrates after cards award

Credit card provider Santander has been celebrating after winning an award for its products.

The group, which includes Abbey in its portfolio, has won the title of UK’s best card provider at the 2009 Personal Finance Awards.

This recognises the achievements of the firm in developing its products, being innovative and responding well to the needs of customers.

Managing director of Santander Cards Roger Lovering said: “Both Santander Zero and the Santander Credit Card are enduring successes that continue to evolve with our customers’ needs.”

He stated that since bringing these products back “in house”, improving card services has been a key aim for Santander and one it now plans to build on in the future.

The cost of having a credit card will go up in the years ahead, PricewaterhouseCoopers predicted earlier this month.

It forecast that increased regulation and high levels of consumer debt would prompt lenders to issue higher charges and introduce annual fees for having cards.

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