Bank successfully defends penalty fee case

Consumers hoping to reclaim their bank account
charges and penalty fees may have been delivered a serious blow by the ruling made in a court case on Tuesday.

Lloyds TSB successfully defended itself in a case brought by disgruntled customer Kevin Berwick.

Mr Berwick was hoping to win back almost £2,000 of fees and interest that he had been charged by going overdrawn without permission.

The case followed numerous reports of consumers successfully challenging their banks and receiving out of court settlements.

However, Mr Berwick lost his case when a judge in Birmingham Crown Court ruled that the bank charges were lawful.

Consumer groups express disappointment at the ruling, but were keen to point out that the decision does not mean that all such claims will now fail.

Mark Gander of the Consumer Action Group said: “This is a judgment by a district judge, it has no binding effect on other cases – we encourage people to keep on claiming.”

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