Bank Holiday Breaks: Travel Insurance Guide

With the last bank holiday of May fast approaching combined with half term, many Brits will be preparing for some well earned breaks. 

Having the right travel insurance for even these long weekend trips is important to prevent experiencing a financial loss, especially in the recent light of flights being cancelled due to the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud.

Find out more about comparing travel insurance, to ensure you are covered for every occasion at a good price.

Ash Cloud Disruptions

Travel insurance providers still vary in the amount of cover they provide for disruptions to flights, whether they are cancelled or delayed, even after the problems experienced last year.

Research by Defaqto revealed 12 percent of single trip policies do not provide cover towards the cost of food and other expenses holidaymakers may be confronted with if their flight is delayed.

While if Brits have to cancel their holiday due to the problem, 40 percent of single trip policies provide £5,000 cover or more for the cost of the holiday, while 14 percent offer cover less than £2,000 and 12 percent provide no cover.

So when you compare travel insurance it is certainly worth investigating which ones offer compensation for such an event as different providers differ considerably in what they pay out. 

Compare Travel Insurance

ï Annual or Single Trip Policies
If you are planning more than one trip this year, taking full advantage of the long bank holiday weekends, and summer holidays, then you may want to consider an annual travel insurance policy.  These sometimes offer discounts if you use it to cover more than one holiday.

ï What do they cover?
Compare the different travel insurance providers in how they differ on what they provide cover for, if you are on a budget you may be tempted to go without certain aspects of the insurance, however this is not advisable as you could end up losing a lot of money.

Travel insurance is useful for claiming back lost baggage, medical bills which can cost holidaymakers a fortune if they are not covered, and the loss of cash or other valuables while abroad.

ï How much is the excess?
If a policy is cheap then look at how much the excess is you will have to pay to make a claim ñ this may be higher than other policies ñ but could be a way round saving on your premiums if you think the likelihood of you claiming is low.

ï Group Travel Insurance
Compare the prices of different offers, such as family travel insurance, if you are travelling with the kids, or for something that complements your age group. 

More mature travellers may find they get a better deal by going to over 65s travel insurance companies, while those who are more adventurous and taking a gap year before or after University may benefit from specially tailored gap year insurance.  Compare all of these policies with standard ones however to check you are not paying more for the same cover you could get elsewhere.




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