Bad driving ‘not about age’

It is a matter of attitude that causes dangerous driving, the AA has said, disputing that such bad habits are simply a direct result of young people getting behind the wheel.

Head of road safety at the AA Andrew Howard commented that the notion that rep raising the legal driving age would improve safety standards is a fallacy, as it is possible that people will show off to friends no matter what age they are when they first get to drive.

He remarked: “We always go on about the fact – as does the government – that it is the attitude towards the car that causes the problem.”

Mr Howard suggested that what is needed is better education of youngster in their early teens, before they are allowed to learn to drive.

Such a move could have implications for car insurance premiums by creating a more positive attitude towards safety among those who have just gained their wheels.

The AA representative’s comments came after a survey by Co-operative Insurance and Road Safety charity Brake found that 30 pet cent of drivers aged under 25 admitted to driving recklessly.

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