Are Honda Drivers the Most Accident Prone?

Honda owners have the most accidents, new research has revealed. What car drivers do you think are likely to have the most car accidents?

A price comparison website has conduct research over the last 12 months to discover which model and car make experienced the highest accident rates.

The research found that the Honda FR-V six seater was involved in 466 accident claims in the last five years. The vehicle make is owned by 2,529 drivers who made up almost 20 per cent of claims.

The second most accident prone car is the Volov XC90. 2,886 owners of this car made 616 claims in the last five years, making up 15.6 per cent of all total car insurance claims.

In third place is the Lexus RX with 574 claims being made out of 3,701 drivers. The Mazda 5 made 15.3 per cent of the total accident claims with 373 claims being made from 2,431 owners.

Honda featured in the top ten twice as the Honda Jazz was another model that owners made many claims from .The list also includes, the Volkswagen Touran, Hyundai Santa, Mazda 3 and Toyota Rav.  The research found that almost one in seven cars in the top ten that were insured by the price comparison website made claims.

A list of cars least likely to have an accident was also complied. The Mazada 2TS TD was labelled as the ësafestí car to dive with only 9 accident claims being made in the last five years from a number of 1,026 owners.

This figure makes the claim rate of less than one in 100. The Ford Focus RS and Nissan skyline were amongst those that were in the 1 per cent claims rate region.

What car drivers get your goat when driving? BMW drivers? Ford drivers? Rover drivers? Share your thoughts on which make or model of car really gets on your nerves when on the road?


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