Apacs issues PIN security advice guide

Consumers concerned about credit card and debit card security may be interested to know that UK payments association Apacs has issued guidelines dealing with that very issue.

The body has published the results of research which found that a fifth of consumers never bother to shield their pin number when they are at a cash machine withdrawing money from the credit card or current account.

Apacs says that while chip and pin has made card fraud more difficult, it can still be a risk – especially given that criminals are often using high-tech card-readers and cloning machines.

Sandra Quinn, director of communications at Apacs , says: “Plastic cards remain a safe, secure and convenient way to pay; all that is required to minimise the chances of falling victim to card fraud is a little bit of common sense.

“Simple measures such as shielding your PIN with your free hand whenever you enter it into a keypad will significantly reduce your chances of becoming a victim of fraud.”

In other news, credit card provider Capital One is urging Brits going abroad to be more careful with their belongings after a survey revealed 45 per cent do not use hotel safes.

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