Annual travel insurance can be cheaper than single trip

But warns holidaymakers to check what is covered

Families planning holidays in Europe this summer will pay an average £42.86 for single trip cover for a week and £113.86 if they opt for annual travel insurance, new analysis* from shows.

However the independent financial comparison site’s research shows some annual travel insurance policy premiums can be as little as £35 – £7 cheaper than the average single trip premium.

And while single trip cover can start from only £10, only nine per cent of single trip policies are available to families travelling to Europe for less than £20.

Sean Gardner, Chief Executive of, said: "Holiday makers often think that single trip cover is simple and cheap, but the truth is it’s often not best value for money. You are certainly paying for a quick fix.

"As with all insurance, the quality of cover will always vary so like-for-like comparisons are quite difficult to make. Nevertheless it remains the case that you can get annual travel insurance for the whole family without breaking the bank.

"Focusing on price alone can mean holidaymakers will be left with insurance that is not worth the price. Insurance policies are only tested when you need to make a claim. You don’t want to find out when you are making a claim that you’ve saved money at your expense." points to the difference in the cost of cover as a reason to be cautious when choosing single trip cover. Its research shows that the difference between the lowest and highest single trip premium for a family travelling to Europe is over 15 times the lowest premium, whereas it’s only 12 times for annual cover.

And various considerations including online discounts and the quality and depth of cover should be factored in to your final decision, according to

Only 12 per cent of all single trip policies offer a discount for booking online, whereas some 18 per cent of annual policies are available with an online discount, which can be as much as 20 per cent of the premium.

The amount of emergency cash available, passport and lost luggage replacement are all further factors to consider.

Sean Gardner adds: "Average prices provide a guide as to what to look for. It is then up to holidaymakers to probe a little deeper to find the policy that suits them best."

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* analysis of the Defaqto Aequos Database 10th May 2007

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