Amir Khan on the ropes with insurers

Boxer Amir Khan could be heading for a punch-up with insurers after being convicted of careless driving and banned from the road for six months.

The 20-year-old admitted driving over a busy junction in Bolton town centre at 47 mph in the wrong lane in a bid to cross before the traffic lights changed.
He was cleared of dangerous driving but still ended up with a driving ban and a fine for £1,000. Unfortunately for the boxer the £1,000 fine won’t be the end of the costs he’ll face.

A conviction for careless driving and a ban will mean insurers will make him pay when he does get back behind the wheel. helps you steer through the issues that you’re likely to face if you end up on the wrong side of the road and the law…

Soaring car insurance premiums

Insurers are likely to jump on any opportunity you give them to raise your premium, and a driving ban will add to your costs. A six-month ban is at the lower end of the scale but Amir will still face a steep rise in premiums.

Drink driving is just about the worst thing you can have against your name. Any driving convictions have to be declared to your insurer and will add to your annual premiums.

Speeding will cost you three points on your license and will normally see a jump of £20 or £30 on your annual car insurance premiums.

But a drink-driving conviction as well as keeping you off the road with a year’s driving ban could add anything up to £1,000 to your premiums – and that’s if any insurer will touch you.

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A ban lasts longer than six months

It’s a lengthy penalty too. Generally speaking insurers will penalise you for around five years after the ban expires. If you were banned from driving your Golf at the age of 17 for example, you could end up shelling out as much as £10,000 over the first five years you’re back on the road.

Drug-driving, which has seen a massive increase in recent years, is viewed as an equally serious offence by insurers and the courts alike. Over the last two decades the number of victims from drug-drivers has increased 600% according to Zurich Insurance, and you can expect a similarly sharp hike in your premiums should you get convicted for it.

Most of us are unlikely to put ourselves in the position of being convicted for drink or drug-driving offences but with two million speeding offences being recorded last year the chances are many of us will be slapped with a ticket at some stage.

Speeding costs too

Whilst three points on the license may see £20-£30 added to your premium you can expect to suffer a bigger sting should you rack up enough points to get banned.

On the plus side, if you do find yourself facing a court appearance, some insurers will cover the costs, and compensate you for your inability to travel. This will be tucked away in the small print so is always worth looking for, but don’t expect to see it with basic policies, and it’s not much use if you rely on driving to make a living!

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