AMI calls for action to boost property market

More action must be taken by the government to help Britons get onto the property ladder, one industry group has claimed.

A new report published by the Association of Mortgage Intermediaries (AMI) has made suggestions on how activity in the housing market can be improved.

The organisation called for the scrapping of home information packs and stamp duty as incentives for people to enter the market.

And it said that potential buyers should be able to stash money away for a deposit in a tax-free savings account.

Confidence in the mortgage sector has been “gradually destroyed” in the wake of the credit crunch, commented AMI director Robert Sinclair.

He remarked that the government should make “concerted effort Ö to enable lenders to lend and borrowers to borrow”.

Elsewhere, founder David Amstell has said that the housing market is being held back because mortgages are “quite hard to come by”.

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