American Express improves Blue best rate card

American Express has announced that it has improved the best rate offer supplied with its Clear Blue Credit Card.

With many people planning to clear up their finances in the new year, American Express is promising to help make it one resolution that gets kept.

The company is offering a double cash back offer of up to two per cent on every £1 spent through the first three months of the year.

All purchases will be charge at a best rate of 6.9 per cent variable APR, and the same rate will be applied to balance transfer transactions for the life of the balance.

This makes it an ideal package for those with money sitting on their card but who are unable to pay it off within the usual zero per cent balance transfer period, says American Express.

“The new year offers many who have overindulged through the festive period the opportunity to spring into action and detox their finances,” said Katherine Whitton of American Express.

“American Express Blue is already one of the top cards in the UK for earning cashback and now we also are offering one of the market’s lowest interest rates for both purchases and balance transfers,” she added.

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