Amazon expect to better last yearís record performance as Black Friday & Cyber Monday loom large


November 2014

Amazon expect to better last yearís record performance as Black Friday & Cyber Monday loom large

Amazon UK has identified Cyber Monday, on 1st December, as its busiest day in prospect for sales activity in their upcoming ëBlack Friday Weekí which commences on Friday 28th November.

Black Friday was popularised in the US in the early noughties, and it traditionally falls on the first Friday after Thanksgiving signalling the beginning of the Christmas season to consumers and custom-seekers everywhere.
Following on from last yearís resoundingly booming offload of 4.1million products on Cyber Monday alone, where transactions were being completed at an unthinkably swift rate of 47 per second, Amazon UK are confident that this year will see an even greater amount of orders being placed.

Given that last yearís sales performance on Cyber Monday marked an all-time high for the online retail mammothís sales team, Amazon UK are understandably self-assured that their efforts this year will outdo last yearís huge bonanza thatís success can be summed up with Amazon UKís own assertion that 1 delivery lolly was sent out from each of its depots every 93 seconds.

This year, Amazon UK has sworn to flood their marketplace with thousands more deals, under the premise of ìsaving customers millions of poundsî, in order for customers not to miss out on value whenever they choose to shop during Black Friday week.

With an array of fads swamping the market as flocks of consumers continue to derive excitement from offerings ranging from the x factor winnerís latest album to the latest designer wash kit, buzzed e-shoppers will have to wait until the very last minute before Black Friday to learn which are the best accessible deals for them.

With a keen eye on handling the administrative side of such a seasonal boom in business, Amazon UK have committed to the hiring of over 13,000 new staff members in a temporary capacity, across its various areas of customer service, whilst also synthesising 1,000 new full-time positions over the next couple of months.

This increase in Amazonís UK division employment is warranted in light of Amazonís usurping of the top spot in the entertainment market from Tesco just before Christmasí crunch time period, as the online retail giant increased its share from 17.6% to 22.5% for 2014.

"While Cyber Monday has always been our biggest single day for sales, the growing success of Black Friday illustrates that it has become a much-anticipated date as the nation prepares for the festive season," commented Xavier Garambois, vice president of EU Retail at Amazon.

"We first brought Black Friday to the UK in 2010 with 300 deals; now we are offering over 3,000 deals and for many, Black Friday marks the start of the Christmas shopping rush in the UK."