Almost 90% UK considers ethics when switching says charity

Almost 90 per cent of adults in the UK take moral considerations into account when we consider switching utility providers, claims new research.

The report, issued by the British Heart Foundation, claimed that 87 per cent of us take charitable and ethical values into account when we consider services and products.

At some point, more hard-nosed considerations generally compromise our moral stance however, with just 20 per cent opting for choices which aid a good cause.

This is due to a lack of clear choices and a lack of awareness, said the British Heart Foundation.

“The results of this survey suggest that many consumers do consider supporting charities through their consumer choices which is great news,” said Aneesha Moreira, director of fundraising at the British Heart Foundation.

Half of the people polled by the charity said that they had switched a financial product or service in the past year, with a dedicated ten per cent switching three to five times.

A further 30 per cent say that they review their options at least once a year.

Credit card users no longer have to choose between their morals and their wallet, with a range of new products combining best rate offers with charitable incentives.

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