AEB fitted cars are eligible for a 16% discount from top motor insurer



AEB fitted cars are eligible for a 16% discount from top motor insurer

There will be no preferential treatment toward specific clientele, as both new and old customersí driving motors fitted with the safety system can expect a 16% discount, according to officials at MORE TH>N.

Peter Shaw, chief executive of influential automobile research organisation Thatcham, said: "Thatcham has been testing and researching AEB equipped cars for three years now and believe these braking systems will soon be considered just as essential as airbags and seatbelts for car safety by helping avoid the crashes that cause injury and damage. "I hope that insurance discounts such as these will influence buyers to choose cars with AEB fitted which is great news for all drivers on UK roads."

ìThis incredible technology should be fitted as standard,î added Dudley Curtis, official at the European Transport Safety Council. ìAs soon as things become mandatory, the costs come down because there is such a huge commercial interest in developing the technology.î

The fundamentals of AEB

Devised to lessen the impact of high-speed crashes whilst minimalising the damage of low-speed collisions, AEB operates through the fitting of sensors behind the rear view mirror which mechanically perceive when your car might crash into a pedestrian, vehicle or any other tangible entity. When these sensors are activated, the AEB system kicks in causing your motor to involuntarily brake.

A certain amount of time is afforded to the driver to act, as the AEB system will issue initial warnings when it senses a potential collision. If the motorist fails to act in time, the AEB system will take over preventing the crash. As such, drivers will not be inhibited by premature activation of the system and can continue cruising without fear of the system playing up. 

According to Thatcham, AEB limits the amount of low-speed crashes by roughly 20%, and operate at its optimum when motorists are going under 25mph. That 75% of accidents occur at speeds under 25% gives you an idea of the profound life-saving impact AEB could have if fitted as standard across all vehicles.

Data gathered by Thatcham earlier this year indicated that fitting cars with AEB across the board from 2015, could lead to the prevention of 17000 serious injuries, car crashes and deaths by 2025.

To put this in perspective, government figures show there were 1713 deaths and 21657 grave injuries on Britainís roads in 2013.

Edmund King, president of the AA, asserted: ìIt is incredibly impressive technology. If you look at things in the past from the seat belt to airbags to anti-lock braking systems, every so often a technology comes along that breaks the mould and is a great advancement in road safety and we certainly believe this is one of the future technologies that will make a great difference.î

Which AEB fitted cars are eligible for Discount?

AEB can be applied to new vehicles, with data from Thatcham showing that 7% of new cars have AEB installed as standard whilst 17% of cars are eligible for the braking system as an add-on.

When AEB is installed as an add-on, it must be done by the car supplier prior to the carís purchase, as the discount proffered by MORE TH>N is only available when the car is brought fresh from the garage. As such, you cannot have your new car fitted with AEB by an external mechanic, or have your old car fitted with it, if you are hoping to receive the 16% discount from MORE TH>N.

Insurer Perks

As far as the insurersí are concerned, there would be a drastic fall in the number of third-party injuries if AEB was fitted to all cars in the UK as standard. Whiplash is one of the most common claims made by motorists, and figures from Thatcham suggest that there have been 50% less whiplash claims from motorists driving cars equipped with AEB.

Whiplash claims at present amount to a collective £2bn per year, raising average premiums by a hefty £90.

Daniel Robinson, a top official at MORE TH>N, explained: "We regularly see car accidents caused by late braking or braking without enough force and the impact can be devastating. As this technology significantly reduces the likelihood of having a crash, we believe it's right to reward drivers who have it fitted in their car which is why we're discounting their premiums."