Adverse credit mortgages ‘are rarely refused ‘

The recent credit crisis should not mean that people are excluded from mortgage borrowing, a financial services advisor has said.

However, people with poor credit histories should expect to pay more interest, according to Zen Financial Services.

Spokesman Mike Pendergast says it is rare for someone to be “turned away completely” by every lender.

However, mainstream lending options may not be open to all and some people with poor credit histories will only be able to access adverse credit products.

“There will always be a lender that will lend, if you’re happy to pay the price,” Mr Pendergast says.

The Council of Mortgage Lenders recently noted that there are “more lenders offering 100 per cent loans“, which it says eases “deposit constraint”.

A spokesman for the trade body said that an increase in the number of self-employed people, and people with “chequered” credit histories has prompted an expansion in the subprime mortgage sector

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