ABI issues car insurance advice

Those looking for car insurance who are considering travelling abroad with their vehicle, may be interested in advice issued by the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

While travel to any EU country is covered to the minimum legal requirement, the car insurance may not be valid for theft or damage, according to the ABI.

ABI spokesperson Malcolm Tarling said: “If your policy only covers you for the minimum legal requirement you’ll have to buy an extension to cover you.”

Mr Tarling added that the cost of full-cover car insurance can vary depending on the country, as some places such as Greece will have a higher accident rate than countries like Germany and Holland.

A report by Zurich in 2007 found that 28 per cent of British drivers did not check their car insurance policies before using their car abroad, while 53 per cent do not inform their insurance providers when they are taking their car overseas.

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