Abbey managers apologise over overdraft bungle

Red-faced managers at Abbey have been forced to apologise after a computer glitch caused thousands of customer overdrafts to be cancelled, leaving them with hefty fees.

The bank automatically charged unauthorised overdraft fees and additional fees for cheques and direct debit payments that suddenly could not be made.

To compound the error, the bank then posted up to five letters to each customer sternly warning them of the £35 charge they would incur for going overdrawn and that they had to stay within their limits to obtain the best rate of credit.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused,” an Abbey spokeswoman told the Financial Mail.

“Customers have now had their overdrafts reinstated and we will automatically refund those who were hit with charges.”

She admitted that some may slip through the net, however.

“We will refund charges, but we also advise customers to keep an eye on their accounts and contact us immediately if there are any fees that should not be there.”

The bank refused to say how many customers had been affected. Some customers were charged more than £250 due to the bungle.

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