AA warning over statement

The AA has called for chancellor Alistair Darling to resist any temptation to undertake a “pre-Christmas stunt” such as bringing forward April’s scheduled rise in fuel duty in his Pre-Budget report.

With Mr Darling due to address parliament tomorrow (December 9th) the body warned it is concerned that motor insurance customers will be hit with new taxes in an attempt to raise extra revenues.

AA president Edmund King said: “Petrol and diesel in the UK are already heavily taxed so we don’t want to see the chancellor pulling any tricks out of his box to hammer the motorist.”

He warned that there could be negative economic results if Mr Darling does not heed this request, as it would lower the disposable incomes of drivers.

Those seeking to lower their motoring costs may be able to do so by finding a cheaper car insurance quote.

Young Marmalade recently introduced a scheme for young drivers aimed at reducing their premiums by fitting tracking devices to their cars that would see them charged £45 each night they drive between 23:00 and 05:00.

This is aimed at making them safer and thus cheaper to cover.

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