AA sees big car insurance cost rise

Those looking for the best car insurance quote have been warned by the Automobile Association (AA) that premiums have risen steeply.

It has noted that the typical cost has jumped by 5.6 per cent in the past three months, the fastest increase since its index measuring such trends was launched 15 years ago, while the rise so far this year has been 14 per cent.

This trend has led to the average annual premium soaring from £778.13 in July to £821.41 in October.

Director of AA Insurance Simon Douglas said: “Most drivers will be seeing sharp increases when they renew their annual insurance premiums.”

Such a situation could mean that those looking for a new policy may benefit from searching extensively for the best deal available.

Recently, specialist women’s car insurance provider Admiral published survey results showing that those who get behind the wheel when under stress put themselves at greater risk of an accident.

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