A Guide to Car Insurance for Young Male Drivers

Car Insurance for Young Male Drivers

Of all definable groups on the road, young male drivers are considered by insurers to be the most at risk of accident, and this is reflected in the cost of the insurance policies available.

We’ll run through the reasons behind these soaring costs, and how to save money where possible.

Why are the costs so high for young male drivers?

Unfortunately, the insurers’ belief that young male drivers are most risky to cover is backed up with pretty solid statistical data, indeed a third of all fatalities on the road are caused by drivers aged 17-25. Just to make things worse, it turns out that a fifth of all drivers are involved in some kind of crash during their first year on the road.

So it seems the die is cast for young drivers of either gender, but it gets worse for male drivers when we consider the rather shocking fact that men account for 92% of all traffic convictions in the UK.

Until very recently, this difference in risk of insuring a male driver as opposed to a female driver was reflected in the costs of the policies on offer, and males would have to pay quite a lot more. However, recent EU legislation brought about by the European Court of Justice’s Gender Directive has outlawed the pricing of policies based on the gender of the prospective policy holder.

The upshot of this is that insurance for female drivers has gone up, whereas for young males, the dizzying heights often reached have remained unchanged.

How can young male drivers reduce the cost of their insurance?

There are ways to avoid the often prohibitive costs of car insurance as a young man, relating to both the kind of policy you take out and the kind of vehicle you are insuring.

The cheapest cars to insure are those with small and/or fuel efficient engines, and with no modifications made.

Many insurance companies will offer a 5% discount to those trying to insure a green car, such as a hybrid.

Having a low emission vehicle also comes with the added bonus of reduced road tax, with those with the lowest emissions paying absolutely nothing.

You can also reduce your premium by getting extra driving qualifications like Pass Plus, a course which costs around &pound150 and demonstrates ability and commitment to safe driving techniques.

Black Box Insurance Policies

One of the best ways for young male drivers to get the cheapest car insurance deals is to opt for a black box or telematics policy.

These involve the installation of a device (the ‘black box’) that tracks your performance by monitoring your speed in relation to the speed limit, your mileage, and your breaking and cornering data. In doing so, the insurance company builds up a profile of the driver, and can tailor the policy to the policy holder, rewarding safe drivers with cheaper premiums.

The best way to save money though is simply to shop around online, and to use a free comparison service like ours to find the best car insurance quotes on the market for young male drivers.

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