85% of Brits happy to buy home insurance online

The vast majority of people looking to buy home insurance are now happy to do it online without the aid of professional advice.

According to the latest study by Defaqto, 85% of people would be happy to purchase a home insurance policy online.

The study of 304 policies found a wide range of policy features available to consumers looking online.

A total of 79% of policies offer accidental damage as an optional extra. 67% of policies offer legal expenses as an additional feature to an insurance policy.

Mike Powell, Defaqto’s Insight Analyst for General Insurance, said; “Our homes and the contents within them are our most valuable assets, and it is therefore important to have appropriate insurance in place to protect them.

ìWe have found that a very high proportion of people are happy to buy home insurance online without advice.î

However, the research also suggests that many people may purchase a policy without knowing what they are buying.

Those opting for the cheapest home insurance policy could disregard some features without considering whether or not they need them.

Home insurance for winter

In preparation for winter, it is vital that you make sure you are covered for both home contents and building insurance. 

The consequences of having inadequate home insurance could be disastrous and expensive. One of the most common claims on home insurance is a burst pipe and insurance experts suggest that the average claim for a burst pipe is in the region of £15,000.

You could try and avoid burst pipes this winter by ensuring that they are well insulated and your gutter is not blocked.

The majority of basic home insurance policies should cover frozen or burst pipes. However, it is advisable to check policies thoroughly before purchasing.

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