£5,000 cost of fandom

Dedicated football fans would have to shell-out a total £5,000 if they wanted to follow every step of England’s progress through the World Cup, cahoot has estimated.

Anyone who has attempted to obtain touted tickets for England games may be forgiving for thinking the total £4,808 cost a little hopeful, however.

The online bank claims that this amount would be sufficient to cover the costs of travel, tickets, food, drink, and hotels for every game – even if England reaches the final.

“Despite the World Cup being closer to home this year, the cost of following the team is still almost £5,000,” said cahoot managing director John Goddard.

“Those people who are lucky enough to watch England in every match, including the final, will have a once in a lifetime experience, but this certainly wonít come cheap.

“You would have had to have saved £95 a month for four years since the last World Cup to have enough to pay for the trip and all the matches.”

Due to the uncertain nature of any tournament, many supporters are expected to make last minute arrangements as England progresses through the World Cup to an inevitable victory.

Fans have been advised to make sure they get the best rate on any credit they may run up on going to see matches.

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