11% of UK drivers could fail retest

It is arguably more important than ever to watch out for other drivers on the roads as a staggering 3 million motorists might fail their driving test if they had to re-take it. 

According to the AA/populous survey, more than one in ten drivers think they would fail if asked to sit their driving test again.

Young drivers are the least confident about taking a retest compared to older drivers. The shocking results found that as many as 15% of 18-24 year olds believed they were ëquite unlikelyí or ëvery unlikelyí to pass. However, only 9% of the over 65 year olds questioned felt similarly unconfident.

The AA poll of over 16,000 found that 9% of all those surveyed were ëquite likelyí to fail whilst 2% confessed they wereí very likely to fail.í

London drivers are the most confident of passing with only 9% thinking they would fail now.

Motorists in the Tyne and Tees area were more fearful though, with 13% believing they would not pass a driving test.

The research found that men are more confident drivers than women with 35% of them believing they were very likely to pass, compared to just 23% of women.

Britainís roads remain safe for now as over half of those surveyed felt they would be ëquite likely to passí. A further 28% of drivers suggested they were ëvery likelyí to pass.

AA president Edmund Kind said: ìIt is alarming to think more than three million drivers who have passed their test may not be safe on the roads due to a lack of confidence or competence to such a degree they donít think they would pass their driving test.

ìIt is particularly worrying so many young drivers think they would not pass a retest, when it canít have been long since they took their test.

ìDriving is a skill for life and, although it is easy to let bad habits form after your test, drivers should make sure their skills are kept polished.î

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